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Reconnect Psychotherapy


Zuzana Kučerová


My Brief Thoughts on Psychotherapy

Thank you for being here and for being curious. 


In my view, curiosity is the driving force behind personal growth. And in psychotherapy, curiosity is the driving force that helps us understand ourselves and the reasons behind the choices we make.


I strive to make therapy a journey of curiosity & compassion, as opposed to one of judgement, criticism or blaming. 


And I strive to help clients make sense of their life story because behind every thought, emotion, feeling and behaviour, there is a story. Understanding the story  is the first  step to  understanding ourselves and becoming more conscious (as opposed to following the unconscious program), which allows us to make more optimal life choices. If we wish to change our personal reality and how we relate to ourselves, others and the world, insight & self-awareness is the key that opens the door to compassion, acceptance, self-worth and healing. I am of a firm belief that we all have inner resources that we can draw on at times of distress, when we wish to integrate all parts of us that have been injured as a result of stressful or traumatic experiences, and when we wish to heal. 


If you would like to know more about my philosophy, please see my blog

Price & Contact

If you wish to contact me, please email me on 

We can arrange a free 30-minute session, in which we will discuss your needs. This might help you decide whether I, as a person, and my way of working could meet your needs.

Thank you. 

My Learning Process

My learning process is ongoing and I see it as a life-long journey. I continuously educate myself about psychology, psychotherapy, neuroscience, and also spirituality. What I have learned so far is hidden in these (and other smaller) qualifications:

  • MSc. in Mental Health Studies   (King's College, IOPPN, London)

  • BSc. in Psychology   (Open University, London)

  • Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy                                      - - integration of psychodynamic and person-centered therapies   (CPTA, London)

  • Internal Family Systems Therapy - L1 & L2 


My master’s dissertation, which investigated the effects of early school boarding on emotional functioning in adulthood, helped me gain a deeper understanding of attachment theory. It helped me understand how our attachment to significant others in early life has an impact on how we relate to ourselves and others. Being a therapist, as well as a parent, helps me see the significance of attachment in all sorts of areas of one's life.


I am a registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), and so I adhere to its code of ethics. I also have Counselling & Psychotherapy Insurance and DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate.


Among other short-term and online courses that I have undertaken are Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Trauma-related Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy, Compassionate Inquiry, Internal Family Systems Therapy, MindfulnessEmotional Freedom Techniques, and Breathwork Instructor Course.

Although I draw on several forms of therapy, my work is to a large extent informed by psychodynamic concepts, which I find useful in understanding the impact of conditioning/programming in our early life on how we function today. However, I am convinced that there is no single form of therapy that has all the answers to how to alleviate suffering. What is necessary is a holistic approach that targets all aspects of our being - the mind, the brain, the body and the spirit (or however one wants to call it). I have been using the principles of Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), which I have found to be a powerful healing method. However, I have also found some aspects of this modality problematic. Therefore, I use only the elements of it that resonate with me and that I find helpful. So, for those who wish to explore IFS as it is portrayed in books and videos, I might not be the right person. The other modality that I find helpful (especially for stress, anger and anxiety relief) is Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as tapping). But again, I have altered it a bit in accordance with how it makes the most sense to me and my clients. Therefore, it is not the same as what you might see on Youtube videos or read in books on EFT.


In the past two years, I have also been practising Pranayama breathwork and I have found it incredibly useful as a tool for relieving stress, harmonising and balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, and reconnecting with my body, mind and beyond. I have become a Certified Breathwork Instructor and I would like to offer my knowledge of Pranayama to those fellow beings with whom I have the privilege to work (if that is something they would like to explore).

My blog
Welcome to my blog!   :-)

Before you start reading my blog, I would like to say that it is a collection of ideas that I deem relevant when it comes to mental wellbeing. There is an enormous amount of information out there and we need to adopt a critical stance when choosing what to believe. It is possible that the ideas that I present in my blog will not resonate with you and that is ok because we all have a unique view of life. Besides, everything constantly evolves, including our thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs. So, I know that the ideas presented in my blog are by no means final and set in stone, but potentially subject to change. I will continue uploading new posts that you might find useful. 


Also, I would like to stress that I am not an expert on anyone's life.

Only you are the expert on your own life.

So, although I present some ideas in this blog, this does not make me an expert on people's suffering. However, I know that there are tools that can help us:

  • tolerate what sometimes may feel intolerable,

  • make sense of our internal systems,

  • reconnect with what and who is important to us,

  • feel a sense of belonging,

  • feel a sense of self-worth,

  • feel autonomy,

  • create meaning,

  • see 'what is left' rather than 'what is lost',

  • reach acceptance,

  • feel compassion and gratitude,

  • feel like a worthy & whole human being.

I am currently making some changes to MY BLOG, so I am sorry that the posts are not available right now. 

 The following posts will be uploaded soon    


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What is Internal Family Systems therapy?


What is Energy Psychology
and Emotional Freedom Techniques? 


What is a holistic approach and why is it vital?

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